Today once again, the three domain providers of EIG reduce the price of .COM and .NETdomain names, just $5.99/year.In this .COM/.NET sale, we have MyDomain, Dotster and Netfirms (excluded Each .COM or .NET at those providers costs only $5.99 for the first year registration and you can buy as many domains as you want.

Published on: 7/22/17, 12:51 PM

Directnic has just launched the special promotion for .COM and .NET domains again – staying just from $3.99/year.At the moment, .COM and .NET domains cost $3.99/year at Directnic. Plus with $0.18 ICANN fee, finally, you have to pay $4.17 only each domain.

Published on: 7/20/17, 12:36 PM

DigitalOcean has just launched one of the Best Ever Free Credit coupon codes – giving away up to $100.As usual, to encourage new customers, this kind of code is available for new sign-up accounts only. If you’ve never used DigitalOcean services, this is such a great opportunity to try.

Published on: 7/20/17, 12:24 PM

While waiting for the .NET flash sale, I wanna introduce to you all a huge sale from Namecheap – .SHOP domain for just $2.88/year..SHOP domain seems to start getting used by more people on the Internet. Domain providers also capture their customers’ interest and they keep launching many big promotions for this extension.

Published on: 7/20/17, 12:12 PM

Celebrating the 7th birthday of .CO domain , many domain providers are giving special promotions for this kind of extensions – Discount up to over 95%. (.CO) is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to Colombia.

Published on: 7/20/17, 7:00 AM

BigRock today announces that tomorrow, it will again launch another discount program for .NET domain. Just Rs 99, about $1.54 per year only.At the moment, you can get .NET domain for FREE the 1st year when purchasing 2 years at BigRock. It’s about $4.9 each name.

Published on: 7/19/17, 7:13 PM